Project 365, 2010 - Jeff Valois Photography
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2010 Through the Eyes of Project 365

Jumped into 2010 with some champagne. Old Stone Church under a full moon and in a sub-zero wind chill. 12 of 13 Master's classes completed @ Clark. Celts lost in game 7 of the NBA Finals. Sox Opening Day, 600th consecutive sellout, and up close and [not so] personal with Mike Lowell. Avery turned 2, Patty turned 50, and Mom turned 60. Kev moved to DC. Cool opportunities to shoot Matt Dionne in the studio, Brian Richard at Jillian's, and Herra Terra at Ralph's. Fourth of July in Boston with a bunch of great friends. Took on the challenge of running from Miami to Key West with the MDAA. Left DCU, shot 3,500 light bulbs for, interviewed with DCU, and returned there to work with some incredible and talented folks...all in a span of 4 months. Unforgettable bachelor party with some of my favorite people at all of my favorite places. Family in Florida and Kenni, well, all over the place.

Married the most amazing person, who did not kill me for taking a picture of her during our wedding.

"Your trouble will cease and fortune will smile upon you." Thanks for the good fortune [cookie], John.

Amazing year. Thank you to everyone who made my year and who watched my year being made via Project 365.


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