52 Weeks, 2014 - Jeff Valois Photography
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52 Weeks | 26 of 52

One of the most exciting responsibilities of my job (the day job) is to shoot the people and events that help tell DCU's story. Two big events this week spoke to the range of exciting and incredible things that DCU and DCU for Kids are doing.

On Tuesday, we were in Nashua, NH for the 15th Annual DCU for Kids Charity Golf Classic. The event raised over $350,000 for the Boomer Esiason Foundation and other local charities.

On Wednesday evening, we were in Boston for the launch of the DCU Center of Excellence in Financial Services. This innovative idea is a collaborative effort between DCU and Workbar to offer financial startup companies not only a workspace, but also access to the credit union's senior management and resources.

In this picture, Ernesto Humpierres of Socrex speaks about his company, the partnership with DCU and Workbar, and the importance of collaborations like this to allow other companies the chance and the resources to get their ideas out there.

dcudcu center of excellence